Our Services

A selection of our specialized Hospitality services

Hotel Consulting

Operational & Development Consulting for Hotels, Quality Assurance, Food & Beverage Outlet Consulting, System & Online Strategies & Recruitment Support.

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Restaurant Consulting

Choose from 4 unique ready made concepts, let us help you create the concept perfect for you or let HCA review your current operations for optimization.

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Sales & Online Solutions

Hotel operators need to stay informed on the dynamically changing business environment that dictate fundamental theories and concepts that effect competition today.

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Marketing & Public Relations

It's not enough to have a good marketing strategy. To grow incremental revenue, it is essential that this strategy is also technology-driven and maximizing distribution channels to their fullest potential.

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Owner's Representation

An owner's representative or asset manager plays an important role in ensuring that the owner's objectives and interests are being met and safeguarded by the management company for their property.

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